Invisalign® is a very popular orthodontic treatment which focuses on straightening your teeth over a series of clear plastic aligners that are custom designed and fitted to you. Overall the treatment is fast, comfortable and a convenient alternative for straightening your teeth, since the aligners are virtually invisible and require no obstructive metal appliances.
Our practice has years of experience providing Invisalign® treatment using sophisticated technology to simulate your new smile. See below to understand the full Invisalign® process.

Invisalign Procedure

During Invisalign treatment, you will switch to a new aligner every two weeks. This ensures there is no pain or discomfort from tightening or adjusting metal supports. It’s advised to wear Invisalign aligners for at least 20-22 hours per day, removing them only when necessary for daily activities like eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth. The entire Invisalign process can take as little as a few months or up to a year, depending on the severity of your individual case.

Advanced software developed from over 5 million Invisalign cases plans the movements for your teeth. Integrated Dental Care utilizes cutting-edge technology, known as iTero® or Trios Digital Impression System, to model your teeth in a 3-D environment. This indicates what your teeth will look like over the course of your Invisalign treatment.

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Using this model, another sophisticated software known as ClinCheck® is employed to calculate the series of movements, forces, and pressure needed to shift your teeth into their desired position with Invisalign. This allows Invisalign technicians to create a personalized series of custom aligners designed to effectively and comfortably move your teeth over the specified treatment period.


  • Appearance: Traditional braces often consist of uncomfortable metal brackets and wires that can be unattractive in the mouth, especially when food and plaque accumulate. Invisalign®, on the other hand, uses clear plastic aligners made from SmartTrack® material, making them barely noticeable.
  • Comfort: Invisalign aligners are laser-cut with precision to fit snugly and comfortably, without obstructing gums or sensitive tissues. Additionally, they are removable, enabling individuals to eat, drink, and maintain regular dental hygiene routines without disruption.
  • Safety: In contrast to metal braces, which may have protruding wires and brackets that can scratch or puncture the inside of your mouth and gums, Invisalign’s SmartTrack® material is smooth and engineered to minimize discomfort. It is meticulously crafted to reduce irritation in sensitive areas like gums.
  • Duration: Thanks to advanced technology and a vast track record of successful cases, Invisalign® can significantly reduce the overall treatment time compared to traditional braces.

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Products Available

  • I7
  • LITE
  • FULL
  • TEEN

A treatment plan that prioritizes aligning teeth in the shortest possible time frame is ideal for patients with mild dental issues or those who have previously undergone orthodontic treatment.

Typically completed in under 7 phases of aligner treatment within a timeframe of up to 3 months, this approach efficiently addresses dental alignment concerns.

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Invisalign® LITE offers a cost-effective solution tailored for less complex orthodontic cases, making it suitable for patients with minor gaps and crowding issues.

This treatment option is also suitable for patients with moderate misalignment, typically involving fewer than 14 phases of aligners and completed within a timeframe of up to 9 months. It provides an effective and efficient way to achieve desired dental alignment results.

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The original Invisalign® product effectively addresses a wide range of alignment issues.

It is particularly suitable for patients with significant misalignment, typically requiring more phases of aligners and completed within a timeframe of up to 24 months. This comprehensive treatment option ensures thorough correction and alignment of teeth for optimal dental health and aesthetics.

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Invisalign Complex offers a comprehensive solution capable of addressing nearly all types of orthodontic cases.

This treatment option is especially suitable for patients experiencing severe misalignment, typically requiring around 14 phases of aligners and completing within a timeframe of up to 24 months. Its design effectively addresses complex dental issues, ensuring successful outcomes for improved dental alignment and overall oral health.

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This treatment plan includes all the benefits of Invisalign Full and adds features designed to meet the specific orthodontic needs of comprehensive non-adult patients. It is particularly beneficial for teenagers, as clear aligners are much less noticeable than traditional braces.

Unique features such as six free replacement aligners and compliance indicators reassure parents considering Invisalign treatment. These improvements aim to promote smooth progress and achieve effective outcomes during treatment.

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